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2023-10-09 - On 2023-11-03 we will conquer Bremen!

We will play at the 13. Bremer Metal Festival

2023-11-03 13th Bremer Metal Festival
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2023-03-31 - Next gig on 2023-04-01 in ORWOhaus, Berlin - Marzahn

This is not an April's Fools Joke!

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2023-02-11 - Thank you, Reset Club!

Thank you Reset Club, KHYBERNAUT and Gorelem! This was awesome!



2023-01-17 - Next gig in Reset Club, Berlin, on Feb. 10!

We have our next gig on 2023-02-10 in Berlin's Reset Club (Wiener Str. 34, 10999 Berlin) together with Gorelem and Khybernaut!



2022-06-18 - We now have a photo gallery!

We present here our brand new image gallery with some carefully hand-picked photos!


2022-01-23 - Torture Pit Website online

For years the URL was simply redirecting to a not very well maintained social media presence.
These days are over now!
We proudly present our very first band website that does not simply redirect to social media, but has instead REAL content and information!
Links to FB, Youtube, etc. can still be found at the bottom. More content will be added constantly in the future.
Please do not hurt your eyes while watching this webiste!


2021-09-24 - Gig with Rambukk in Berlin's Rockhaus

Despite multiple setbacks thanks to lockdowns and fear of crowds, we have another gig: This will also be the very first live appearance of Berlin's new band Rambukk. TP Live, Rockhaus Berlin


2021-03 - Torture Pit EP recordings have started!

We are now officially in the process of recording the songs for the upcoming EP. It is about time...


2020-10-15 - Torture Pit plays at Strock TV!

We were invited to play at Strock TV! TP @ Strock TV

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