Band Biography

Who we are

Ulf (Drums, Guitar, Recording, Mastering)


Ulf is originally a guitarist who got annoyed by drummers who couldn't play what he wanted to hear. So he just did it himself.
This made him the mastermind behind Torture Pit who carries most credit on the TP songs. Apart from that he runs his own recording studio ULS Productions and does the TP recordings.

Lars (Vocals)

_99C6994_2.jpg Until now Lars is the only person in the band who has achieved a marriage-level in social life! Lars keeps things clean and fights bureaucracy. Some people say he is the "singer" of Torture Pit but in fact he's doing vocals! And more often than not he can remember the song titles.

Adrian (Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals)

_99C7018_3.jpg Adrian is a proud father of a son and cheats on the Torture Pit family as a bass player with his other band Rambukk.
With TP, his fast guitar picking is ony exceeded by his facial hair!

Dennis (Bass)

_99C6994_1.jpg Dennis is the band's nerd and, among other things, rules over this website!
He is also the bass player and has previously played and recorded with Bremen's Thrashmetal band Clear Sky Nailstorm.


Band History

Torture Pit is a death metal band from Berlin, Germany and was founded in 2007. We are now on the best way to maintain a steady 6-years release cycle since 2009. Back then there were a several gigs with changing positions on the instruments. Dennis joined the three founding members Ulf, Adrian and Lars as a bass player in 2010.
A few gigs later Torture Pit was invited to play at Metal Days 2014 and we did. Further milestones include multiple times support for Illdisposed (DK) as well as Cripper(DE) and Uada(US).
Starting in 2014 there were several years of lineup changes until in 2016 Torture Pit reunited to how it is now.
We would like to thank the following people (in no particular order) for their long-term support and/or being part of the band, even if only temporarily: separator_transparency
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